Organic Coconut Milk

Our Organic Coconut milk exists in two grades: thick and thin. Only latest packaging technologies are used to preserve the freshness and the scent without using additives.


Organic Coconut Milk is a perfect substitute for dairy products and is mostly used within the Asian cuisine. It gives a delicate coconut flavor to all dishes. It can be used as a lactose-free alternative to milk in mueslis and shakes.


Primary – 200 ml, 400 ml 3 piece tin plated can with EOE, Non EOE lids
Secondary - Brown liner 3 ply corrugated carton
Bulk - 20 L Aseptic BIB (Bag in Box), 200 L Aseptic Bag in Drum

SKU’s per 20 FT FCL

  • 400 ml cans x 24 =1850 Cartons
  • 400 ml cans x 12 (trays) = 3700 Cartons
  • 20L Aseptic BIB = 360 Nos
  • 200 L Aseptic Drum = 80Nos

Shelf Life:

24 months, Once the can is opened keep in refrigerator & consume within 3 days


In ambient conditions